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Below you will find all services detailed.

– Cleaning of tourist apartments:

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– Membership to DR. Cleansed:

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It is hired only in case if the owner wants to hire the management of your apartment for us.

We get in touch with the customer once the booking of your apartment. We Specified arrivatWoo imfv eese trm,a tywhe.ete W a keteex ty phssleea. tian ap hna orhtwmo uteorn tgto ea mtt ttaohk eteh s eteh tae pt i”macrhetme acenknd ot ,su aht”no daw nr tdeh seco oalvllpeeac artt nmthyee qn rute.e nWstt,ie od neesxp poylosaiuitn, h atahnvede cw tohene dh ciatlinioednn stl.

Attention, we not further charge for check out, our prices include check in / out.

-s ervice for apartment tenants and neighbors.

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– For emergency repair of various maintenance services. (Plumbing, heating, electricity etc.)

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